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Burragum billi Organic Lager - As Nature Intended


  • Preservative free

  • Certified Organic Processing chain
- Farm …. Malt house ….. Brewery….. Bottling

  • Premium quality Organic Barley

  • Crisp, refreshing flavour

  • Special traditional recipe

  • No harmful chemical residues

  • At last a beer that supports your healthy lifestyle choices

  • Protects our environment

  • Your purchase supports the Australian farmers and industry who, through sustainable practices, care for our planet! Thank you
  • Naturally Burra tastes great


Koala Beer on the BIG Island at the BOTTOM of the Map. MADE IN AUSTRALIA

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The Thinking Drinker

Drink for quality never quantity
Drink for flavour never fast
Drink for enjoyment never effect
Drink with friends never alone
Drink with food never hungry
Drink with pleasure never preservatives
Burragum billi Organic Lager

by Koala Beer

Burra guest beer on Virgin Australia International flights in 2011



"...the beer is great."

Gary Johnson, Executive Chef, Hilton Sydney.

WILDE Organic Golden Lager coming soon


We bring you better beer naturally..... Pure Ingredients, Pure Style, Pure Taste.

The true organic experience in beer. Ask for Burragum billi Organic Lager at your Local Today!!!


Burragum billi - Certified Organic Lager... Naturally Better Beer!